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Author: Mike Miller | Updated on: May 2024

Best Cloud Hosting UK – What is a Cloud Server?

Best Cloud Hosting in UKCloud servers are virtual servers that perform in a cloud IT environment and execute as autonomous components, not requiring access to software that is centrally installed. They are similar to physical servers located on site, but rather accessed remotely from a service provider who provides resources according to a business’s needs. There are two types of cloud servers, namely physical and logical. A physical cloud server is one that has private resources which are not distributed or shared (sometimes also referred to as a dedicated cloud server). The logical cloud server is one that has its resources provided via server virtualisation to two or more logical servers each having its own setup including operating system, but will share certain physical elements from the fundamental physical server. Both types are accessed through the cloud remotely.

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Explanation of that Type of Hosting

UK based cloud hosting is that which uses a virtual private server (VPS) to provide services to clients hosting their website. Clients using this type of hosting for their sites will only pay for what they use and therefore can enable the correct services whether their sites are very busy or only receive mild traffic. This type of hosting uses hosting capability from a number of servers and data centres, often located globally. It is an alternative to the more expensive and detailed dedicated server hosting and the less reliable shared server hosting.

Cloud server hosting UK is useful for business clients due to the development of the virtual data centre (VDC) which is a network of servers within the cloud environment that is used to host and support the various operations of a business including cloud backups of all sites.

Find the Advantages

Advantages: SecurityUK Cloud hosting is popular and increasingly preferred by many businesses requiring all-round servers, outshining other options in most features. The majority of cloud server hosting solutions will provide the following advantages:

What about the Disadvantages?

Even though there are several advantages and they outweigh the disadvantages, it’s still important to take into account these limitations with your specific business in mind:


Am I able to manage my servers using a mobile device?Definitely. This is possible with both iOS and Android which is a clear advantage over traditional servers where the management is manual.
Is it possible to upgrade various components on my cloud server?Yes, it is possible to upgrade components such as the CPU, disk space, bandwidth and RAM.
Can I automate my upgrades?Yes, automated updates are possible using an API (Application Programming Interface).