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Author: Mike Miller | Updated on: June 2024

Best Reseller Hosting UK – What is it?

Best Reseller Hosting in UKReseller hosting is when a third party provides web hosting to their clients from their designated bandwidth and hard drive space. A reseller buys services from a host for a wholesale price and provides them to their own clients, usually making a profit. Essentially, the resellers are acting as web hosting providers but are in fact purchasing the space from an ‘upstream’ hosting provider in order to resell. Resellers of this type are typically web designers, graphic designers, webmasters or other IT specialists who then offer the hosting as an add-on service. They might offer an all-in-one package from design brief to finished product including setting up the website to be fully functional with a hosting service renewable annually, for example.

Reseller hosting is generally no different to having a hosting service direct from a larger more well-known company because there is only the third party reseller in between and they usually get a discount or commission from their upstream provider which is applied to the price that they charge to their own clients. Therefore, the price charged will most often be the same as going direct to the larger companies. As an end user, it can often be more convenient to receive hosting services through the reseller because then everything is from one supplier.

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Choosing a Host – A Step-by-Step Guide

The ultimate hosting providers supplying the resellers will very often specialise in a specific service or software most suited to a certain niche market from small blogs to large e-commerce sites, so it is wise to research the available companies in order to choose the right one for precise requirements.

When it comes to top reseller hosting UK, whether you’re a webmaster or a web designer offering web hosting as an additional service to your clients, look to choose the supplier which offers a good variety of hosting options, great customer service, good turnaround times and the control panel functionality most preferable to you. This last point is particularly important when you have a number of websites to manage as the control panel becomes the central control for all and should therefore be one that easily simplifies the management of the various sites.

Also consider the varying levels of control given by each of the upstream providers – go for one that doesn’t restrict the sizes of the hosting plans you can resell, the number, as well as one that allows you to manage your own servers and the prices you charge your clients. Be sure to choose a supplier that affords their resellers hosting via a VPS (virtual private server) rather than shared hosting so that you have your own dedicated server to apportion however you decide.

Advantages – Explained

All Advantages ExplainedThere are many advantages of reseller hosting including:

Disadvantages – Explained

While there are many advantages to reseller hosting, there are some disadvantages:

Overall Conclusion

Overall, reseller hosting is a viable opportunity for many IT entrepreneurs to include in their portfolio of offerings as added value services for their clients. Being a relatively low risk investment with the funds generally being recovered swiftly after outlay from the readily available potential clients, it is an interesting option for anyone considering becoming a reseller. The negative aspect of the start up costs are quickly outweighed by the fact that they are relatively small in comparison to many other start up opportunity fees but can easily slot into most web design and other IT related businesses with clients already on the database.

For those that are not particularly knowledgeable or tech savvy it could prove difficult if problems arise, whether they be related to server downtime or another technical glitch. When choosing an upstream provider, be sure to check the support structure they have in place for their own clients (including your business as the reseller) so that you in turn can offer the best possible service to your clients. The upstream provider ideally needs to be available 24/7 to troubleshoot anything that might go wrong with your server and make sure that the issue does not filter down to your clients.

One final point to consider is ensuring that the provider you choose has support in place should you wish to move to another provider, without being tied into lengthy contracts and without any downtime which will affect your clients’ hosting.