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Author: Mike Miller | Updated on: June 2024

What is the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in UK?

UK Dedicated Server HostingA dedicated server is one which will be for the sole use of your company or website and is the kind of server a site such as a highly popular forum or large e-commerce site with a huge amount of traffic and those with specialist requirements might need so that storage, bandwidth and other services are not shared.

Dedicated server hosting (also known as managed hosting service) is a single server which hosts one site or a handful of sites for one company in comparison to shared hosting which will host many sites and share the resources amongst them, thereby providing less exclusivity and less reliable bandwidth. The server is not shared with anyone else and although it is the more pricey option because of the dedicated needs addressed by this type of hosting, it can often be the most suitable for particular needs. Usually the dedicated server equipment is located within a data centre managed by your chosen hosting provider and is leased on a contract agreement along with administration and other services.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting UK for 2024
Hostings # Price m. CPU RAM Storage BW DS Rating Link Review £85 Intel Core i3-2100 2×2.3GHz 4GB 2x 1TB 5TB 5/5 Get DiscountRead Review
FastComet Review $139 Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 8GB 160GB SSD 5TB 4.5/5 Get DiscountRead Review Review £30 Intel 8 Core C2750 2.4GHz 8GB 500GB 5TB 4/5 Get DiscountRead Review

What to Look for in a Host?

When choosing from the array of top UK hosting providers available, it’s important to do your research on the company and shortlist those that are most suitable to your needs. Hosting providers will often focus on a particular software or service from small blogs to large e-commerce sites, so research is vital in helping you pick the right provider as you do not want to be paying over the odds if you have just a small scale blog and choose a large scale hosting provider, nor do you want to be left with below average services for your large forum with a host who specialises in assisting smaller websites.

Hosts will usually provide administration as part of the SLA (service level agreement), so it is wise to check over this SLA before signing up with any host. The agreement should include all service guarantees and detail the add-on support it provides to its clients as well as the ownership of the hardware which is generally owned by the provider. The SLA will also include information pertaining to the support levels offered, reliability statistics, operating system support, security and software application updates as well as the overall quality of a specific service and is therefore essential reading.

If choosing a dedicated server host which does not offer any additional support, be sure that you possess the fundamental know-how to maintain the server accurately.

What are the Advantages?

Dedicated Server Hosting UK AdvantagesThe advantages of UK dedicated server hosting are numerous and include:

What are the Disadvantages?

As many advantages as dedicated server hosting offers, there are also some disadvantages to be considered:

Editor’s Conclusion

Many businesses will start out with shared hosting or VPS hosting before considering a dedicated server depending on the size of their site, mostly because of the cost involved and the challenge in setting up and maintaining a dedicated server. Due to the nature of the dedicated hosting environment, the technical knowledge requirement can be huge. If you do not wish to, or are not ready to learn the relevant skills, it could prove difficult to effectively run and maintain a dedicated host unless a server administrator is employed which is a further cost to the business. With this in mind however, Dedicated Server Hosting will very rarely experience a crash if maintained correctly and the additional cost can therefore be overridden by a steady website, experience a lot of traffic and satisfied customers.