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WebHostUK Ltd is headquartered in the United Kingdom. They are simply an exclusive firm situated in Mayfair, London, and created in the year 2003. Ever since then this company have been increasing with its massive magnificent features. The firm has been doing online business since 2003 and has possessed many years of experience within the Web Hosting industry. The truth is they claim to be the UK’s quickest and most effective developing corporation when it comes to Website hosting. One major benefit and advantage of this particular company is, they have all their servers as well as technical support teams positioned in the United Kingdom, therefore, you do not have to worry or think about the need to consult with people who are not in the same place as the real hosting.

Get Shared Web Hosting with UK data centre for as low as £1.25 per month!

Features Overview

This provider is well organised and knows the in and out of the web hosting business. The company is superb for providing shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS plus dedicated server hosting intended for Linux along with Windows servers. They also have Shared Linux web hosting with cPanel control panel and Shared windows web hosting with Plesk, all are helpful and great features for every website business.

Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website:
Webhostuk Limited 3rd Floor, 14 Hanover Street, Hanover Square, Mayfair, London W1S 1YH, UK (+44) 203-3180-600

This company supplies high class shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting techniques for clients. On top of that, they provide domain name subscription, SSL certificates or accreditations, online marketing resources and much more. This helps someone to make your website to work fast and very easily without difficulty. Regardless of the type of website you intend to sponsor, if your primary target market is within the UK or even bordering community, then you will find this company appropriate for your business websites.

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What About the Reputation of the Provider?

The service provider is fantastic in assisting customers to get the online appearance with regard to their business websites on time. They give inexpensive and yet decent web hosting solutions by using premium networking within the United Kingdom datacentres. They use highly developed features and absolutely experienced together with very helpful teams.

How to Opt in?

While going through the WebHostUK webpage, you will notice that there are various options. You can easily pick from whether Linux or Windows hosting in each of the hosting choices, that makes this less complicated to get precisely what you are looking for.

When viewing the shared hosting bundles, you will discover four options. The first provides you with 500 Megs of hard drive space, 5 gigs of bandwidth, 100% free Google Adwords Credit and about 5 email addresses. You will be linked with just one website domain name only at that stage. If you proceed to the next level, you receive 2 gigs of disk space, 20 gigs of bandwidth, which enable it to increase to 5 domain names. If you happen to proceed completely to the maximum stage package you will enjoy 10 gigs of disk space, 100 gigs of bandwidth and unrestricted numbers of domains, directories, email accounts and much more. In addition, you receive a very free domain name offered with your personal order.

Shared Web Hosting Pricing

Plan Name Domains Space BW Panel OS Price Link
Linux Standard + 1 500MB 5GB cPanel Linux £1.25 Get Discount
Linux Elite + 5 2GB 20GB cPanel Linux £2.50
Linux Business + Unlimited 10GB 100GB cPanel Linux £4.17
Linux PRO + Unlimited 15GB 150GB cPanel Linux £7.99
Windows Standard + 1 500MB 5GB Plesk Windows £2.08
Windows Elite + 5 1GB 10GB Plesk Windows £4.17
Windows Business + 20 5GB 50GB Plesk Windows £5.83
Windows PRO + 50 10GB 100GB Plesk Windows £13.33

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Pricing

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage BW Panel OS Price Link
LINUX GANYMEDE 1 Core 1GB 30GB 1TB cPanel, Plesk Linux £39 Get Discount
LINUX CALLISTO 2 Cores 2GB 45GB 2TB cPanel, Plesk Linux £49
LINUX EUROPA 4 Cores 4GB 80GB 4TB cPanel, Plesk Linux £59
WINDOWS GANYMEDE 2.8GHz 1GB 40GB 2.5TB Plesk Windows £50
WINDOWS CALLISTO 2x 2.8GHz 2GB 40GB + 50GB 2.5TB Plesk Windows £70
WINDOWS EUROPA 2x 2.8GHz 4GB 40GB + 100GB 2.5TB Plesk Windows £99

Managed Dedicated Servers Pricing

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage BW OS Panel Price Link
WHUK-Dedi-L-1 Intel Core i3-2100 2x 2.3GHz 4GB 2x1TB SATA II HDD 5TB Linux cPanel £99 Get Discount
WHUK-Dedi-L-2 Intel Xeon E3-1220 v5 4×3.0GHz 4GB 2x1TB SATA II HDD 10TB Linux cPanel £119
WHUK-Dedi-L-3 Intel Xeon E3-1230 4×3.2GHz 8GB 2x1TB SATA II HDD 15TB Linux cPanel £139
WHUK-Dedi-L-4 Intel Xeon E3-1240 v5 4×3.5GHz 16GB 2x1TB SATA II HDD 15TB Linux cPanel £149
WHUK-Dedi-L-5 Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 10×2.4GHz 32GB 4x1TB SATA II HDD 15TB Linux cPanel £169
WHUK-Dedi-L-6 Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 40×2.4GHz 64GB 8x1TB SATA II HDD 20TB Linux cPanel £249
WHUK-Dedi-W-1 Intel Core i3-2100 2×2.3GHz 4GB 2x1TB SATA II HDD 5TB Windows Plesk £129
WHUK-Dedi-W-2 Intel Xeon E3-1220 v5 4×3.0GHz 4GB 2x1TB SATA II HDD 10TB Windows Plesk £149
WHUK-Dedi-W-3 Intel Xeon E3-1230 4×3.2GHz 8GB 2x1TB SATA II HDD 15TB Windows Plesk £169
WHUK-Dedi-W-4 Intel Xeon E3-1240 v5 4×3.5GHz 16GB 2x1TB SATA II HDD 15TB Windows Plesk £189
WHUK-Dedi-W-5 Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 10×2.4GHz 32GB 4x1TB SATA II HDD 15TB Windows Plesk £199
WHUK-Dedi-W-6 Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 40×2.4GHz 64GB 8x1TB SATA II HDD 20TB Windows Plesk £289

Reseller Hosting Pricing

Plan Name Accounts Space Bandwidth OS Price Link
LINUX BRONZE + 25 15GB 150GB Linux £9.99 Get Discount
LINUX SILVER + 50 25GB 250GB Linux £19.99
LINUX GOLD + Unlimited 35GB 350GB Linux £29.99
LINUX PLATINUM + Unlimited 40GB 400GB Linux £54.99
WINDOWS BRONZE + 20 10GB 70GB Windows £14.99
WINDOWS SILVER + 30 20GB 150GB Windows £29.99
WINDOWS GOLD + 50 30GB 300GB Windows £39.99
WINDOWS PLATINUM + Unlimited 40GB 400GB Windows £64.99

CMS Web Hosting Pricing

Plan Name Domains Space BW Panel Price Link
WordPress Web Hosting 5 5GB SSD 50GB cPanel £5 Get Discount
Drupal Web Hosting 5 5GB SSD 50GB cPanel £5
Joomla Web Hosting 5 5GB SSD 50GB cPanel £5

Uptime & Consistency

All the things the provider applies regarding information centre, server hardware, network links and much more happen to be of fantastic quality. This enables them to produce a 99.99% uptime warranty with the system connections. Additionally, they have experienced technical support readily accessible 24 HOURS A DAY, so they are able to answer and react to every challenge very quickly. Besides, you will receive solid-state drives (SSD), which means you do not need to bother about a loss of data or even malfunction.

Quick & Very Helpful Support

The tech support group with this particular provider are all virtually within the UK, therefore, they are presently there if you want them and at this time, there must not be any complications understanding them. In addition, they monitor or check all their servers perfectly so they are able to react to problems earlier than you even realise there exists a problem. Besides the live support alternatives, they have an efficient information platform that is loaded with many helpful tips or suggestions. uptime record

Final Remarks

Our extensive analysis and evaluation have shown that WebHostUK has a decent record of accomplishment in the web hosting industry. For this reason, if you are searching for a hosting provider that is based in the UK; it is really an outstanding provider to take into consideration. They have excellent alternatives for people, regardless of how little or big, the website shall be. Right from very easy private weblogs to sizeable commercial websites, you will have a wonderful impression of this company.


Which payment methods are available?You are allowed to use any of the following options: Credit Card/Debit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

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