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Author: Mike Miller | Updated on: July 2024

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When looking for quality UK web hosting, the sheer volume of offers out there can make it hard to choose the right option. Fasthosts has been a regularly used platform for some time, and they have become quite a common choice for those who are looking for, as the name implies, fast hosting.

Formed in 1999, Fasthosts has served the UK to help give people high-quality services to help them achieve whatever they can. With over 1.4m domains hosted and over 800,000 mailboxes, they are a very busy hosting company that delivers all manner of different services. If you are looking for a host plan that is simple and easy to work with, then Fasthosts might just be the system that you need to make the most of said opportunities.

They are very good at tailoring offers and using smart, modern practices to keep their services running well. If you are looking for a service that is relatively easy to use, then Fasthosts is probably as good a place to start as any.

Data Centres Overview

Since they formed, the company has been steadily increasing and improving the range of solutions that they provide. They have a ‘multimillion pound’ data centre that they manage all of the infrastructure for the business from. They are based in Gloucester, England, and provides a very strong and secure service across the UK and Europe.

Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website:
Fasthosts Internet Ltd Discovery House, 154 Southgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2EX, UK 0808 1686 777

They make use of a very powerful platform that offers a Tier-1 connection, making sure that every server is as fast and as secure as it should be. This gives you the chance to know that you are working with hosts who care about the quality of your connectivity in general. All of their platforms have an ISO 27001 certification, which is the international standard for all data centres that hit the very peak of security, consistency and safety overall. For that reason, you can trust Fasthosts to deliver on what they promise.

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What are the Benefits?

What kind of Services are Offered?

Shared Hosting Servers Pricing

Plan Name Domains SSD Space Bandwidth Panel Price Link
Ignite 1 10GB Unlimited Own £2.50 N/A
BUY Momentum 3 20GB Unlimited Own £7.00
Ultimate 100 120GB Unlimited Own £15.00

Cloud Hosting Servers Pricing

Plan Name CPU RAM SSD Space BW Price Link
Root1 1 Core 1GB 40GB Unlimited £15 N/A
Root2 2 Cores 2GB 80GB Unlimited £30
Root3 2 Cores 4GB 120GB Unlimited £45
Root4 4 Cores 8GB 240GB Unlimited £90
Root5 8 Cores 16GB 280GB Unlimited £165
Root6 8 Cores 32GB 400GB Unlimited £270
Root7 12 Cores 48GB 400GB Unlimited £390
Root8 16 Cores 64GB 400GB Unlimited £510

Dedicated Server Hosting Pricing

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage BW Panel Price Link
571 2 Cores 4GB 2x500GB Unlimited cPanel or Plesk 12 £30 N/A
761 4 Cores 12GB 2x1TB Unlimited cPanel or Plesk 12 £40
971 4 Cores Intel i5-4690 32GB 2x2TB Unlimited cPanel or Plesk 12 £60
1081 6 Cores Intel E5-2603 V3 48GB 6x500GB
2x120GB SSD
Unlimited Plesk 12 or cPanel + WHM £100
1181 8 Cores Intel E5-2630 V3 64GB 6x1TB
2x250GB SSD
Unlimited Plesk 12 or cPanel + WHM £180
1381 20 Cores 2x Intel E5-2650 V3 128GB 6x2TB
2x500GB SSD
Unlimited Plesk 12 or cPanel + WHM £250


Overall, Fasthosts is one of the better hosting platforms out there for UK users. If you need something that is great for beginners but also has a high ceiling for advanced scalability, few options can be better for you to start with.


Can you send your old website to Fasthosts?Yes, you can. You can easily transfer your domain to this platform and still enjoy all of their features and add-ons so you can easily manage the back-end of your business like never before.
How many sites can I host per package?Using various packages, you can have as many sites as you like on the go. The only upper limit is 100 sites which, given circumstances, is likely to be pretty rare!
Does Fasthosts support WordPress?Yes, it does indeed. You can manage everything with one-click-install of CMS like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress if you would prefer to run everything through this platform instead. Using their own control panel, you are left with total control over how to best manage your site.
Is Fasthosts secure?Yes, very. They use 256-bit encryption and also have a GeoTrust Dyanmic True Site Seal trust-mark, meaning that you can feel very safe and simple using their platform.

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