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Author: Mike Miller | Updated on: May 2024

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This company is based in Shoreditch, London and is part of the UK2 Group which has hosting businesses in the USA, and therefore has what they call ‘international clout’. They were established almost twenty years ago, have sold more than one million domain names and have served clients from more than 200 worldwide locations. Support is available 24/7.

Each domain name that is registered with UK2 comes with a free one-page website which can be built with InstantWebsite which is a site builder tool, a free email address with 200MB storage capacity as well as forwarding from five alternative email addresses. All domains are offered with full DNS management and access to UK2’s intelligent control panel.

Data Centres and Servers – Overview

UK2’s data centre is housed in London and they have cloud servers in Singapore, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Manchester, Seattle, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington.

Company: Address: Telephone: Skype: Website:
UK-2 Limited 91 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London, E1 6QL 0800 612 2142 uk2sales1

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UK2 Hosting Data CentresUK2 Data Centres

Shared Hosting Servers Pricing

Three options are available; Essential, Business Hosting and Business Cloud. Essential provides hosting for 10 websites, while the Business Cloud plan provides hosting for unlimited websites. Only the Business Hosting and Business Cloud plans come with a free SSL certificate and only the Business Cloud plan comes with an uptime service level agreement.

Plan Name Domains Space Bandwidth Panel Dedicated IP Uptime SLA Data Centre Price Link
Essential 10 Unmetered Unmetered cPanel London, UK £1 N/A
Business Unlimited Unmetered Unmetered cPanel Yes London, UK £4.48
Business Cloud Unlimited Unmetered Unmetered cPanel Yes Yes London, UK £7.98

Premium WordPress Hosting Servers Pricing

Plan Name Domains Disk Space Monthly Visits Panel Emails Data Centre Price Link
Primary 1 10GB SSD Up to 25,000 cPanel 25 London, UK £9.99 N/A
Pro 1 20GB SSD Up to 100,000 cPanel 50 London, UK £12.99

VPS Hosting Servers Pricing

UK2’s VPS cloud servers can be up and running on either Windows or Linux within a few minutes and are provided with automatic failover, which means that website data will stay online no matter what hardware failure might occur as client data is instantly transferred to a live machine without any disruption.

The VPS is provided on the VPS Cloud option or the SSD VPS. The VPS Cloud option is provided with toggle switches for CPU, RAM and HDD, however there are recommended presets, UKV100, UKV200, UKV400 and UKV800. CPU is available from 1GHz up to 12GHz, RAM is available from 256MB up to 10GB and HDD is available from 50GB up to 160GB. When it comes to the SSD VPS options, solid state drives are made to provide read and write commands instantaneously, therefore providing a much faster environment and so this is best for those clients who want the VPS but with a touch of speed.

The plans available are VPS1GB which UK2 says is ideal for simple websites and small test environments, VPS2GB which is best for WordPress, Drupal, forums and medium sized web shops, VPS4GB suited to busy websites, forums and hosting control panels, VPS8GB which is best for complex web apps, forums and busy web shops and VPS16GB, similarly suitable for the latter.

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage Panel Data Centres Price Link
UKV100 1GHz 256MB 50GB cPanel London, UK £5.96 N/A
UKV200 2GHz 1GB 60GB cPanel London, UK £15.96
UKV400 3GHz 2GB 100GB cPanel London, UK £32.62
UKV800 8GHz 8GB 120GB cPanel London, UK £92.58
SSD VPS 4 Cores 2GB 50GB SSD cPanel UK, US, CA, NL £10

Dedicated Servers Pricing

Servers available are D1 through to D6, starting at 4GB RAM with a 2TB data limit, all the way to the D6 package offering 64GB RAM with a 100TB data limit. Managed hosting is available and managed hosting servers are provided with tech support extras, including a 24/7 support service and free added extra security and a proactive monitoring service to ensure no important updates are missed, and also to assist if something goes wrong. The managed servers are provided on the same basis as above, however each package, D1 through to D6 is slightly more expensive due to the technical support provided.

As a standard service, UK2 monitor their servers at an infrastructure level which includes storage, data centre security and network power. The service also checks to ensure the website or apps are running smoothly.

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage BW Panel Price Link
D1 E3-1230 4GB 1TB 2TB cPanel £49.57 N/A
D2 E3-1231v3 8GB 2x 1TB 10TB cPanel £76.90
D3 E3-1271v3 16GB 2x 3TB 10TB cPanel £101.94
D4 E5-2620v3 16GB 2x 3TB 100TB cPanel £134.75
D5 2x E5-2620v2 32GB 2x 4TB 100TB cPanel £162.10
D6 2x E5-2650v3 64GB 4x 4TB 100TB cPanel £241.44

Website Builder

A website builder with prices starting from £1 per month is also on offer, where clients can choose from 100 different pre-designed mobile-ready templates.


What support does UK2 offer?Email, chat and phone support, every day of the year, 24 hours per day.

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